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  • Wide range of HV & EHV aluminium & copper connectors that meet all sub-station requirements with respect to Rigid/Flexible Bus-Bars
  • Connectors are designed for low levels of radio interference, corona discharge & to withstand high fault current values (up to 63 KA).
  • In-house gravity die casting
  • Connectors for IPS tubes up to size 4.5 inches
  • Portfolio of connectors – bolted, compression and welded type
  • Connectors are supplied with corrosion proof hardware (hot dip galvanised/stainless steel bolts)
  • Supply of connectors with bimetallic sleeves for dissimilar metal connections.

Legion Energy has catered to over 300 sub-station projects since inception & the perfect behaviour of thousands of connectors installed for many years demonstrate the reliability of our products.